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Reflections on data collection and this week's finds

Reflections on data collection and this week's finds
By Aquiles Carattino • Issue #5 • View online
I am still experimenting with the format of the newsletter. This time, I am merging both my weekly reflection and the links to the content which was worth my time

Personal data collection, what is it and where it starts
This week's discoveries
From around the web
This is a great article discussing the figure of Elon Musk and the role of technology in shaping our future. It covers different aspects of the risks of technocracy and overselling. The parallels between Musk and Holmes are hard to miss.
Surely We Can Do Better Than Elon Musk ❧ Current Affairs
This post discusses the risks associated with technological dependence, and especially with telecommunications. Rolling out 5G is impossible without counting with Chinese companies. I think the overview is very valuable, since it is easy to overlook the complexities and incentives behind our connectivity.
5G: The outsourced elephant in the room - Articles
Paper of the Week
This papers shows that just metadata is enough to re-identify a person through their purchasing history. Simple and concise, this is just one more stepping stone point to the problems that massive data accumulation is already posing and will continue to generate.
Unique in the shopping mall: On the reidentifiability of credit card metadata | Science
Deflating a speculation bubble around Magic The Gathering cards. Introducing new rules, printing more cards. It is hard to find podcast episodes to which I can relate as closely as to this one.
The Curse Of The Black Lotus (Update)
Over a year ago, I decided to stop paying Spotify and use the same amount of money, each month, to support musicians. This episode is an interview to one of the co-founders of Bandcamp, the service I regularly use to buy music directly from creators.
How I Built Resilience: Ethan Diamond of Bandcamp : How I Built This with Guy Raz : NPR
En Español
Cómo eran las relaciones sexuales de los neandertales
El desayuno de un cormorán y otras espectaculares fotos finalistas del concurso Bird Photographer of the Year 2021
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